Essay On Water Pollution

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Water is a necessity for human life and Earth’s environment. As the Earth’s population continues to grow we continue to strain the Earth for its water supply. Water pollution is when there is a biological change in the nature of the water biologically typically in a negative way. As water pollution began as natural causes through animals and other environmental issues as the increase in human activity over the years there was an expansion in water pollution. As the increase in contamination is obviously due to the excess of human activity due to the earth’s history it affects them the most. With Florida being a highly populated state surrounded by large bodies of water puts us at a greater risk of contamination. As Florida being a prime vacation spot the demand for clean refreshing water should be high, but with the ongoing water contamination the likelihood of that isn’t very high. If this continues then Florida's being a beautiful vacation home would turn into an environmental dump. Many people do not acknowledge the importance of water in life and how polluted water can become. The pollution of water in Florida is a factor that developed with time. Florida in the beginning was completely underwater. Many settlers dug wells and built dams on the rivers to be able to drink water (Florida’s Water...2002). The population started to grow rapidly in Florida, resulting in competition for survival. Florida’s population in the 1920’s was about 970,000, the growth of the

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