Essay On Water Supply System

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In a recent proposal the state of California has decided we need to take further action into protecting our water reliability. Officials are suggesting that we should spend $20-50 billion into creating a two new tunnels known as the California WaterFix system from the Sacramento River to the Delta pumping plants in the Southern Delta, with funding being allocated from both agricultural and urban users. Although there are some benefits from creating a new water project, it would have far more negative externalities when it comes to economical, environmental, and corrupt agribusinesses. To invest in a completely new water supply system is economically unreasonable. The total costs to build the tunnels could go over $20-50 billion,…show more content…
The California Waterfix proponents often mention that building the new tunnels will be safer and more reliable towards the fisheries and the ocean outflows. However, the co-plan Bay Delta Conservation Plan is deceitful in its true intentions. By shifting the Sacramento River with the flow of fresh water, it would lead to an even greater rise in sea levels along with climate change. By focusing our investments into restructuring the current Delta levees with an increase in outflows and state of the art fish screens, it would preserve the endangered marine life. Also, there is an ongoing fear within Southern California residents with the topic of earthquakes, finding comfort with the “reliability” of the new Waterfix systems. In the case of the surrounding areas of the Delta, it’s almost impossible for the system to be completely protected against water breaks. Investing in new tunnels won’t change anything in how our system will put up against a natural disaster. The main audience that benefits from building the new Waterfix system are the agribusinesses and oil companies. In particular, the Kern County Water Agency, Metropolitan Water District, and the Westlands Water District are big proponents in building the tunnels for their own personal gain, even though they already receive plenty of water from the Bay Delta. Instead of paying directly for the regulation of the WaterFix tunnels, taxpayer money would subsidize water for private
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