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It all began in Forth Worth, Texas on June 9, 1964, when Mr. and Mrs. Tisdale celebrated the welcoming of their third baby boy entering the world of curiosity. With the biggest smile ever, from there his parents knew something about Wayman. That God has something big planned in his future that will change his and his parents live, but his parents didn’t know how big. Suddenly, a loud church bell sounded the whole street, herded in like a herd of cattle everyone to Friendship Baptist Church to hear the word of God be spoken by Dr. Louis L. Tisdale. Cries erupted from the congregation from the Holy Ghost spreading from the tongue of one powerful man. Exclaiming how wonderful God is, and is promised for a better life. Little did the Tisdales know how powerful this statement would be to their lives.
Unknowing to the first lady and the pastor, their wholehearted son sometimes never paid attention to his father sermons. His eyes
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With that interest and following eldest brother William footsteps, reeled in coaches from a variety of high schools throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1979, Wayman attended Booker T. Washington High School in north Tulsa the home of the Hornets. From there he played three years on varsity mighty hornets basketball team. Leading his team to wins after wins. In his junior year, he took his team to state. Wayman average 18.8 points and 14 rebound per game. Ending with a celebratory moment of winning the championship of 1981. Although music and basketball was Wayman priority, he brought someone else in his life, “future wife Regina in April 1981 at church. They were juniors at two different Tulsa high schools, and she did not know he was one of the most heavily recruited basketball players in the country” (Wikipedia). A graduate of BTW class 82’ from his high school years Wayman knew he was blessed, he excelled in the game of
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