Essay On We Should Be Under The King Of Great Britain

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Do you people of America think that we should be under the king of England's control? I say that we should not be under the control of Great Britain. We should be our own country not under any tyrants control. The loyalists have been creating problems for the patriots because the patriots are not following the rules of the king from England gave them. The king's rules are not fair because he only cares about money, business, and his country, not ours. We need a king that is fair and cares about everyone, not just his own. I am a patriot because I think that we should be an independent country that should have our own rules and do what we want, not under the control of a tyrant kings rules that is in England. And we would be better off without England controlling us and our trade. We also won’t be free to buy anything we’d like, not forced to by English manufactured goods. We need to have a fair ruler of our own, not someone that is a tyrant and is in England. Some unfair laws that take away our rights are, taxing us but not saying how we are governed, forcing us to only buy East India Tea Company tea, and allowing…show more content…
Some people may ask Why being an independent country is better? Being an independent country is better because we will not be forced to buy English manufactured goods, We will learn to make our own manufactured, and we will not take advantage of our own people by taxing them but not telling them how they are governed. These reasons are why we would be better of as our own country instead of under Great Britain. Separation from England can be bad for our business, because the English will not be able to provide us with a market of their goods. Even though it could be bad for business, we should still separate from England because then we could learn how to take control on our own and learn what is is like to be your own
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