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The welfare programs need to reform and focus on helping all of the lower income class get out of that class and remove those who are abusing the system. They need to stop the process of homelessness before it happens because it’s hard to give an address when someone no longer have one and now living on the streets. Which will make the process cost more than it should have to begin with had welfare step in and help before one becomes homeless. They need to remove abusers from the system and take into the concentration of the ones who are prescribed medication by a doctor and none abusers. Welfare, though it can be good, is abused by many lower class people and is too easily obtained for those merely looking for a way to be lazy and are avoiding getting a job. Welfare needs to create a way for those using the service to feel like they are a part of helping by working for it to stop laziness and feeling of it being a free hand out because that will not help them in the long run. “Low and irregular employment is a major reason why low-income men…show more content…
Example, if you teach someone to hunt or fish or anything to survive, he or she will get skills to live and be able to provide food so, why not teach someone how to live a better life and get out of the lower class. “We all seek a society where every American can reach his or her full potential, where as few people as possible live in poverty, and where no one must go without the basic necessities of life.” (Tanner Pg. 12). Many people are just having more kids so, they can stay in these programs. If they did this maybe people would stop having kids for the wrong reasons and learn to do for themselves rather than relying on these types of programs to take care of

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