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As a liberal arts college (#6), Wellesley is able to provide an environment where I can develop my skills in multiple subjects. According to a close friend of my family, she said that she was at first uncertain of the small class sizes. However, on the first day of class, her professor had already memorized the first name of every student. I look forward to personal experiences such as these that will help build confidence in my knowledge in economics and business. In regards to my other interests, I want to develop my skills in computer science and statistics, because I believe that they will both be highly beneficial for a future in economics. I would like to either minor or double major in one of these subjects at Wellesley. Furthermore,…show more content…
As a Chicagoan, I face harsh winters every year, but nevertheless, I’m used to it after all of these years. Unlike most people, I like to take advantage of the weather by going on skiing trips, and snow tubing down large hills. I can’t imagine a winter without sledding down a big hill with a few of my closest friends, and I am excited to see that many Wellesley students agree with me. When scrolling through the “Wellesley 100” list, “traying” (#19) immediately caught my eye. In the photo provided on the website, students were throwing snowballs, sledding, and genuinely spirited about their weather, and the heaps of snow. The photo reminded of my own experiences during winter, and I thought about Charlie Brown television specials, and a snowy day filled with great memories with my friends and family. The prospect of sledding down Severance Green makes me giddy. I can’t wait to start a few competitions where people try to sled down the fastest, and I look forward to partaking in a few snowball fights, though most of them will be started by me. I hope that days of “traying” with my peers at Wellesley will one day become a part of my fond memories of
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