Essay On Wellness And Resiliency Model

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In this paper the author will be identifying interventions that will help people with substance use disorders. The author will be presenting a wellness and resiliency model that can promote wellness in individuals that suffer with a substance abuse disorder illness. Then the author will present ways that the community can be educated on substance abuse disorders to effectively help individuals suffering from a substance use disorder.
Describe a Wellness and Resiliency Model
The wellness and resiliency model that this clinician would use to help this population is the “Addiction Chronic Care Model (ACCM)”. This model was “designed to bring the best practices in addiction support to healthcare providers”. This model helps with assessing and
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The first group session would use the “Living In Balance Curriculum”. Living is Balance promotes wellness through all aspects of the individual’s life. This curriculum helps the clients get interactive through role plays and interactive discussions about topics. The curriculum addresses the client’s personal history through a biopsychosocial approach. This curriculum is not comprehensive, so a client can enter the curriculum at any lesson. For example, a client can enter at session twelve. This curriculum is provides detailed guidance for clinicians, so it is easy for clinicians to facilitate the curriculum. The curriculum helps the client learn strategies to help manage their symptoms through visualization and relaxation techniques. One thing that this clinician likes about this curriculum is that it can be used in individual sessions with clients. This curriculum has been approved by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration as an evidenced based practice. This curriculum addresses things such as; drug education, relapse prevention, coping skills for stress and anger management, spirituality. This is an overview of the first twelve sessions; however, sessions thirteen to thirty-three addresses things like; introduction to self-help groups, sexually transmitted diseases, money management, physical fitness, educational
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