Essay On Why Americans Should Be Required To Join The Military

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This document is about if americans should be required to serve a year of service in the military before college. I believe that americans should be required to join the military because my brother has experience and I asked him this and he said the same thing as me because there would be military discounts, open up more jobs, and in the end die an honorable death.
Now my brother is in the military and he went there so they could pay for his college but he decided he did not want to go to college and stayed with the military. He enjoys it there because he gets to go to places he has never been. In the past year he has gone to Africa, Alaska, Hawaii, and Australia. But I can hear the smugness in his voice when he says he is not allowed to …show more content…

There are over 200 different jobs in the military. So it's the first step of college because the teenagers would have a lot of choices and who knows maybe they would stay in the military and not go to college but america will not force them to stay. No to mention there would be a lot less fat people because the military makes the soldiers in it train daily.
Now some people are probably wondering what would happen if a soldier died in the line of duty, if they die in the line of duty a officer will go up to any main relative's door and tell them the bad news. this soldier's body is put into a polished fine wood case, Other officers come and fire off a traditional fare well. Then they fold the american flag down till it is a hand held triangle and give it to the dead hero's family. It is a great honor to die for our country. If they had been awarded any medals they will also be given to their family so that they can remember there brave soldier. these medals are put into a wooden casing to go on that family's wall along with the officer's uniform. They will have it with them to remember the greatness that they did to serve their country. People wonder “why would they join the military? what are their reasons?” Believe it or not there are plenty of reasons like answering the call to serve this country, standing up against

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