Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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During the selling of NCAA Football games by EA sports, some schools made up to $140K a year while the players received nothing. Other events, such as the FBI crackdown of college staff members paying high school athletes to commit to the college they’re apart of, as well as the release of LaMelo Ball’s signature shoe (which led to him signing to a Lithuanian team in fear of his NCAA eligibility being revoked due to him receiving money from the shoe) has only mounted to the importance of the debate of whether college athletes should be paid or not. Combined with suggestions from former college athletes, ruined dreams due to injuries, to players losing NCAA eligibility, it is clear to me that they should stop being overly restricted and…show more content…
This decision has to be almost solely on the very real possibility that Ball lost his college eligibility when his shoe was released due to the money he would be making as a college athlete off of the shoe, although the brand he’s apart of, Big Baller Brand, is a family brand. However, it was a much more heartbreaking reality for UCF kicker Donald De La Haye, who lost his NCAA eligibility because of the money he made off of his Youtube videos. They only consisted of him showing off his amazing kicking skills, but his career unfortunately had to pay the ultimate price. If these young ADULTS can’t make their own money in case of injury, then how will they make a living in the future?

The main question, however, is what creative implement would there be on how money between athletes are distributed. Another argument against players being paid are the numerous unknowns. Although there is a lot of talk on this issue, the basics of this entire plan on paying players are still unknown. Considering the money schools make from sales, they would probably manage the pay, but how would they distribute pay? Would it be based off ticket sales and merchandise? If so, football and basketball players would get almost all the pay, but what about the other sports?
The best possible solution to satisfy both sides (and the athletes first and foremost) is to pay athletes a total of 40% of the total money the college makes from ticket and merchandise sales, as well as their
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