Essay On Why Did The Colonists Have A Right Before The French Revolution

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The colonists had a right to rebel against the British government because of the government's unfair treatment of the colonists. Before the Revolution, the colonists had to help Great Britain in the French and Indain War. After the war, the colonists were ended up paying taxes for stamps, paper, tea, and other goods that they exported because the British Parliment thought that the colonists should pay for the war. The colonists had no representation in the Parliment, so they thought that the taxes weren't fair. Another reason why I think that the Founding Fathers had a right to revolt against the British government is the quartering laws that the Parliment had passed. They weren't at war with anyone, so the colonists shouldn't…show more content…
"The British had the right to tax the colonists because the French and Indian War happend in the colonies." was one of the arguements propsed at a debate I had in class once. That might have been true if the colonists had representation in the Parliment because they would have some say in what the taxes should be. Since they weren't represented, then the taxation was not fair. Another point that came up in that debate is the quartering act that the British had placed on the colonists. Some of the class mates said that it didn't matter if Britain wasn't at war because they need to be ready and have places to stay if they did go to war. A friend of mine said that our country couldn't survive, that's why the British came back in 1812 and declared war on the US. The founding fathers had every right to rebel. The only time that citizens or colonists should be tax is if they are represented by the ruling government. If the country is going to war, then there should be a Quartering Act that should end when the war ends. This country has been around for 240 years, so to the people who said that the reason why we fought the British in 1812 was because our country didn't survive, you are
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