Essay On Why I Chose Medical Technician

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Growing up it was difficult deciding on what career I wanted to pursue. The years passed, I grew older, became more educated and started to discover who I truly was and what I was truly interested in. I was fortunate enough to get accepted into a vocational high school and had the advantage to take AP I and II. Learning about the human body and mind astonished me so much, and that was when I knew the medical field was for me, but the medical field is extremely vast and there is a great amount of careers to choose from.
My senior year of high school I volunteered at the emergency room at the Shore Medical Center Hospital and it was then and there when I saw something that interested me. I witnessed the radiologic technicians always being on their feet and constantly taking patients in for x-rays and cat scans. They worked together to make the patient's visit as smooth as possible. I
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I was a girl full of questions, but no one could give me the advice or all the answers that I needed. Although moral support from my family was there I never had that figure that could guide me through times like these. Of course I had to fight for what I wanted and I didn't let that stop me, I spent months researching information on how to pursue the career and how to expose myself to the diagnostic environment.
I began to attend seminars about the career, would look for radiology internships, volunteer in hospitals and in the ER would constantly ask the radiologist questions that could help me pursue my dream. My bestfriend’s mom was also a big influence in my decision, being a diagnostic sonographer in AMI she would always talk to me about radiology and her education and clinical experiences. Our conversations made me even more excited about pursuing that career and the most exciting part was that she let me shadow her as an observation
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