Essay On Why Immigration Should Be Illegal

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Immigration is a big deal now in our world, and we are saying that it is illegal, but it really shouldn’t be! Immigration has/is causing many difficulties within our nation, and many people are starting conflicts about it. Immigration should be allowed, and there are many reasons. The least we could do is help them become legalized before we deport them back to their home country, which who knows, maybe their life was awful, and they came to the “land of the free” for a new start. We are treating people of our own kind with such disrespect! At the end of the day, if we all could see only shadows, peoples races or what the looked like, and even where they were born wouldn’t matter. Taking it into that aspect, immigration is taken way to harshly and there are a few things that us Americans could do about it. The definition of immigration is; the action of coming to live in a country foreign to your birth country, nowhere in the definition does it say that immigration should be illegal, or that it is wrong. Immigration should be allowed at all, and it definitely shouldn’t be illegal if you aren’t legalized, and hear me out on this, because if a struggling family that came to America because of the lack of malnutrition in their country, or maybe it could be the lack of clean water, but they deserve to live a better, healthier life. They would be checked for any weapons, for safety reasons, but we have such high security that we should be ok. Sending people with fresh tanks of
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