Essay On Why School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

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Some students and parents don’t completely agree with making school uniforms mandatory. School uniforms are not a terrible thing to have. Uniforms limit what the students choose to wear to school every day, but it doesn’t limit them from getting their education. Uniforms are supposed to be a positive thing because they give the school district a professional look. Should public school students be required to wear uniforms? Yes, public schools should be required to wear uniforms. Uniforms look more formal and put together. Schools that don’t require uniforms have those kids who don’t care how they dress. The school districts that doesn’t require school uniforms have kids walking around with sagging pants to the ground with their underwear showing. The kids that come to school looking sloppy gives the school a bad reputation and a bad look. Schools that require school uniforms have students that are dressed appropriately. The school will also look well put together and maintained if they require a dress code. The goal of wearing uniform is to focus on school, not fashion, and to cut down bullying. Public schools should require uniforms to eliminate bullying, to stop judging of social classes, and to make the school look more professional. According to Mikayla Werneck of North Carolina, uniforms would prevent children from being teased because of their clothes. She says that if uniforms were required kids wouldn’t get made fun of for what they are wearing because they would all be wearing the same thing. Bullies usually pick on kids based on what they wear and how they are dressed. In this generation most kids think what they wear make them look cool. If the students are wearing the same thing kids have a less chance of getting picked on. Bullies can’t pick on someone if uniforms were required because everyone would pretty much look the same. If every student looked the same, there is nothing the other kids could make fun of. Uniforms provide a bully-free environment for the students.
Uniforms would make students feel equal. Some parents can’t afford to buy expensive shoes and clothes, so if uniform is required kids wouldn’t feel depressed or left out. Most kids come to school with expensive things on and
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