Essay On Women In Beowulf

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In a few literature classics of the Anglo-Saxon period, the absence of the female figure in this society is very noticeable. On various pieces, it is obvious that the portrayal of how a woman was nothing without her lord or husband, and how women merely depended on a male figure to be part of the society or even accept it. Throughout the years, society has been changing for women to what it is today. A woman today does not need a man to be recognized as successful, strong and independent in society. In Beowulf there is evidence of six women in the entire story while, if we count the male figures we can easily figure out the prominence of a patriarchal system. Starting with Grendel’s mother, seeking for revenge on her son’s death, gives an example of a motherly figure fighting for her youngster. Another example relating to the argument are Wealhtheow and Hygd. Wealhtheow and Hygd are both described as this perfectly lady-like of excellent heart girls, whose main job is nothing more than to pass around a cup of mead to the warriors and knights, just basically be hostesses. Meticulously analyzing it is an obvious conclusion that in comparison to the male…show more content…
Carefully understanding the text, it describes how the narrator lived in misery, torture, loneliness, agony and pain while she was a recluse. The whole poem is her pointing out how she felt worthless without her husband while he is God knows where (“I grieved each dawn as I wondered were my lord, my first on Earth might be”). The inequality on how a female was sent into reclusion because of not-exactly proven accusations of adultery is very unjust due to the fact that men weren’t punished as much, if they were even penalized at all. The job of a female consisted on being a house wife, taking care of kids, taking care of the house, while men were working. Girls were completely
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