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Workbook 1.1: Introduction It was a bitter January day when I walked into W.H Morden- my old elementary school. I spent half of my pre-adolescence days there; while I attended, I participated in a range of extra curricular activities- you name it, and I probably managed to juggle it. Anything from: track and field, the eco team, the volleyball team, basketball team, and refereeing school games in my spare time. That year, I managed to graduate grade 8 with a drama award, and how I managed to balance all of that, I do not know. However, that day I was there for a completely different reason. It had been a few years since I had been back last, and a lot had changed. This was no longer the school I had remembered, instead, it was…show more content…
The essential communication skills, which I gathered during the time I spent at the elementary school vary in a vast array, and it has since affected the way I talk to people today: Such as listening attentively- a very important skill to develop while communicating with people. For instance, making sure my body language is directed towards them- whether that means: getting down to their level, making eye contact, and ensuring that no one interrupts them. Another skill I proudly developed was the ability to keep calm even in a situation of panic: children are extremely good at reading people’s emotions, and if the supervisor is panicking then it could lead a child to become distress. Staying level headed, and sensible is a must to keeping harmony in classroom. So with these new skills I had since developed, I set out on my path to further my education. I applied to all my universities. I was very fortunate enough to be accepted into all of them. However, when I delved further into researching the certain programs that I had applied to, my options slowly dwindled. It was either too expensive and completely unrealistic, or the program wouldn’t lead me down the path of working in a preschool. However, there was still my last option: at a University all the way in Windsor, a few minute drive away from Detriot- yeah it was far. Although, the program was

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