Essay On Worksite Wellness

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Being one of the largest cities Houston’s population relies heavily on your energy company to provide energy. Your energy company is a large, successful company, and we believe your high employee retention rate plays a key role in your company’s success. However, an office setting does not always allow your employees to get their daily amounts of exercise. Along with not receiving their daily amounts of exercise, poor nutrition habits and strain due to work, your employees are facing major health problems like high cholesterol and hypertension. My co-workers and I believe having a worksite wellness program will help improve your employee’s health status and lower their need for medication, which can lead to lower fees your company has to…show more content…
One of the key concerns that need to be focused on when designing a wellness program is the target population. With Houston being one of the largest cities in the United States, there’s a lot of diversity amongst the employees that come to play with this successful energy company. Within the United States, there are 73.5 million adults who have high low-density lipoprotein (LDL), known as "bad" cholesterol. CDC (2015, March 17). Certain ethnicity groups are known for having higher risk of high cholesterol, which is associated with other health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. The LDL-cholesterol tends to vary between the races, with Non-Hispanic Blacks being at an average of 32.2%, Mexican Americans averaging at 35.3% and Non-Hispanic Whites averaging at 30.7%. With the aim of this wellness program being on bettering the employee’s health, there are considerations that come to mind. Each ethnicity has eating habits that have been formed since their youth. It's exceedingly difficult to cut out a core food group if to that individual it is the main ingredient to what they consume. Therefore, when designing this wellness program, our team will further analyze what are the daily eating habits of each ethnic group, and determine what foods or meals could be promoting high cholesterol and hypertension. By determining what in their diets could be
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