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This week I attended a lecture by Dr. Jean-Bertrand Ribat. He is a political scientist who has a BA from Columbia University, a MA from Montana State University, and a PH.D from Indiana State, Bloomsburg and has participated in many research projects from all around the world, including France, Turkey, and etc. With the knowledge he has about the world, he starts talking about the history of China. From what he views, he states China at the beginning of the 19th and or 20th century was relatively weak when compared to other more modern states like the U.S. and of other Western European state. However, when compared to today, China is viewed as a superpower with almost equal strength to the U.S.. A fear that he sees coming is the passing of…show more content…
friendly countries interest. Some of the different ways that he talks about it being direct confrontation, appeasement, and containment. For direct confirmation he talks about a tough stance that the U.S. will take with direct military involvement in the place in question and or have fiery, but direct rhetoric speeches (i.e. President Trump commenting North Korea stands of launching nuclear missiles, in response to this he says “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen..”). For appeasement he looks down on, the reason why he looks down on this is because of the Munich Agreement terrible goal of peace. The Munich Agreement didn’t achieve peace, but instead fed the flames of the fire with the further encroachment of the hungry Nazi state. The last option that he talk about and the one he is most proud of was the idea of containment. Containment is the best option because as noted by him result in proxy wars between countries involved, not a direct conflict. In addition, the idea of containment worked very well with the containing of communist countries to other much weaker states during the Cold War. Yet, without a clear show of force, then the idea of containment becomes almost virtually useless. In current events right now, China is right now poking at the U.S. in many ways through mean of harm- a radical nuclear state,
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