Essay On World War 1

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War is declared. That would be the headline of nearly every news outlet around. On July 28, 1914, Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia. In the following week, Germany, Russia, France, and Britain soon followed. The war to end all wars had begun. The Great War was a unique war. The war saw New Aged technology used with Old Aged tactics. Millions of lives were lost during these four years that followed the start of the war. By the war’s end, militaries increased in size, new strategies and tactics were created, and the use of the turn of the century technologies were soon more frequently used and improved upon. One of these new techs was the Airplane. Between the years of 1914 and 1918, the world discovered a new battlefield where wars…show more content…
The only way to stop these planes from bringing back this valuable information was by shooting them down. The hulls of the early planes were light and flimsy so the use of mounting machine guns on the planes proved difficult. Early in the war, pilots would use grenades, flechettes, grappling hooks, and pistols to try to down their opponents. Hulls were soon reinforced and machine guns were soon mounted on the rear of two-seater planes, but pilots felt the need to mount machine guns on the forward part of the scout planes. A problem arose on how to fire the gun with the propeller in the way. French pilot, Roland Garros retrofitted a forward mount machine gun on his Morane-Saulnier Type L. The propeller was reinforced so when a bullet hit the propeller it would deflect off. As dangerous as that sounds, Garros still managed to down a few German aircrafts along the way. But due to engine malfunction, he was forced to land in Germany territory. The Germans seized the plane and handed it over to the Fokker company to implement for German use. Fokker implemented a synchronization gear which would ensure the gun would fire without hitting the propeller Fokker mounted these on their new Fokker Eindecker and soon began German air superiority better known as the Fakker Scourge. From the Summer of 1915 to early 1916, the Germans ruled the skies. Allied planes were being shot down at an alarming rate. Losing the skies was demoralizing to the allies.
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