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WORLD WAR I: Remembering the War to End All Wars (NOTE: Is going to have funny things inside.) Dear Journal, last entry. It’s late 1918. October, to be specific. The war is over, and I’m still living here, in Virginia. 116,000 Americans had died during the war, leaving behind 116,000 families to cry their lives away over their losses. We have lost over 4,000 people, due to reasons such as disease, combat, and military training accidents. But, like all wars, there will be many upsetting casualties. War never changes. Curse you, Hitler! What an oaf. I was starting to get sick of hearing about the war every time I wake up. This war had lasted for four years and three months before it was finally called off. I’m ten now, going on eleven in…show more content…
Some were even hauled off to the slammer. The people who didn’t lose their houses reported a bunch of burglar incidents happening in their or somebody else’s house here and there. The waking sensation that a war was going to start up was pretty big, and there was a lot of panic. Some even ended up being temporarily or possibly even permanantly scarred mentally because of said sensation. There is a 50% risk of another war breaking out after this one. Nuclear weapons, Jews, and Hitler. Welcome to one of the most deadliest wars in modern history. Everyone will remember it, and no one will forget it. And what has this war taught us after its own ending? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why this was started in the first place, and what the point was supposed to be, I have no idea. The humanity. Oh the raging horror. So, we basically not only got more than 4,000 of our people killed for almost no logical reason, and if that doesn’t upset us enough, we also have no way of preventing anything that may cause it to happen again. Oh what a world. When will it ever end? It may never, to be frank with you, the journal. Flashback to July 28, 1914. I was seven years old. Me and my friends were climbing trees in my backyard when our parents came outside to tell us the news. Nellie apparently thought it was the war of the aliens vs. the jaguars. Oh dear, she is funny. But no, it wasn’t that. At least, that was what her mom said. She said it was all because of Hitler raising
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