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Year round schooling should be a thing. The time we leave school and go back to school is crazy now we get about a month off and when we leave we forget everything we have learned the past year. Its preposterous and repetitive, why forget everything we learned and struggle to relearn it when we could just stay in school. Most kids are against it because they don't want to lose their summer vacation but when it comes down to it, you'd get more time off and more breaks if you had year round schooling anyway. Think about it, this year we get 15 days off in June 30 in July and 28 in August together that's 73 days off. This is one of our shortest summers, if we had year round schooling but had a 3 day weekend and longer breaks more inservice…show more content…
If i go to school just to forget what I learned why should I een be going to school through the school year like I am? A lot of parents say it cuts into their vacation time. Well there will still be longer breaks and we’re getting crazy but your child can still miss school, as it stands right now it’s 8 absences per semester, that would also change with year round schooling because they would be going to school more so they would have the ability to miss more. Vacation trips shouldn't be an issue, a lot of parents plan trips now when there's school now but cut them short so their child doesn't go over the amount of absent days. Having year round schooling could actually help parents out a lot more, they could make their vacation longer without the fear of having to have their kid make up absents after school or having to go explain the the attendance board what the problem was, and why they were missing school. Year round schooling could help parents students and teachers. Having year round schools would be a change but it would help so many people, students with having more time off school, parents with vacation time, and finally teachers and janitors with money. I don't know about you but I love getting time off school and with year round school all that would really change is we would get more of that and we wouldn't forget what we learned the year before while heading into a higher grade.

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