Essay On Yellow Chicken

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There is a story that has been spread in Allienbill on Kepler 186f for over 3000 years. It is a story on the god of the Sun, Yellow Chicken. As all of the Allienbill people know, Yellow Chicken looks like a little boy with a nose that looks like a huge pen, and always rides a red dragon to do his job busily. At that time, nobody knows how this tiny creature feels about his incredible job, but it seems that everybody would like to make friends with this adorable creature, since Yellow Chicken is an honest god. Besides, whenever he goes, there is always laughter around him, and there is no doubt that laughter is a healing balm, so many people believed that Yellow Chicken must have the most ecstatic life. However, this did not seem to be true for Yellow…show more content…
That day had no differences with other days for Yellow Chicken. As soon as Mr. Mountain knocked on Yellow Chicken and Red Dragon’s door, they flew out of the small house immediately. Then, Yellow Chicken swiftly and decisively moved into the body of Mr. Mountain, and directly started to work. Surprisingly, although Yellow Chicken always considered efficiency as the most crucial business, he used to do his job so carefully. When Yellow Chicken came to the mysterious cave, his office, he started to slow down and did everything in order. First, he parked his dragon, and brought a cup of coffee with him. Then, he went to the interior of the house. He was never rushing on working and he was taking it step by step. After he carefully turned on the light on that day, it seems no difference with other days – everything was shiny and everyone in that galaxy got up for party. Yellow Chicken sat down, and was going to play cards with his dragon friend outside the room. Suddenly, he found that he cannot go out! The door of the office was disappeared, and he was trapped. Unfortunately, this is not the only concern, since if Yellow Chicken cannot go
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