Essay On Zimmerman's Love Of Greek Myth

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Evidence of Zimmerman’s love of Greek myths continues by the creation of her other plays including Journey to the West, The Odyssey, The Arabian Nights, The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, and Eleven Rooms of Proust. Triumphantly, Metamorphoses was Zimmerman's first Broadway production and nominated for a Tony Award for Best Director of a Play and numerous Jeff Awards including Best Production and Best Direction.
The two vignettes that will be blocked in this paper are “Midas” and “Alycone and Ceyx.” “Midas” follows the self-centered King Midas, who gives a monologue which discusses his background and family. During his monologue, he is interrupted by his young daughter who plays in the background and Midas constantly asks her to be quiet and
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Despite Alcyone’s constant pleas, Ceyx goes off to sea and unfortunately, his ship is destroyed by Poseidon’s (the god of the sea) wrath. Months drag on and Alcyone shows her heartache and anxiety by counting to one hundred over and over in hopes he will appear. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, witnesses all the action taking place from the Heavens. When Ceyx dies at sea, the gods send Ceyx’s ghost to inform Alcyone of his death. After Ceyx’s ghost disappears, Alcyone calls for her friend, Lucina, the goddess of childbirth, who is concerned about Alcyone. Lucina hands Alcyone a lantern which is symbolic of the support that Lucina is giving. As the scene continues, she transforms into a narrator and explains to the audience what is happening. Aphrodite, still showing concern for the couple, sends Alycone the real body of Ceyx ashore and turns the lovers into seabirds so they can be together. The pool is the sea in which Ceyx’s ship is destroyed and how Ceyx’s body returns to Alcyone. In this vignette, the pool facilitates the transformation from life to death and then from human bodies to
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