Essay One: Final Version

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Essay One: Final Version
How Family Folklore Alters Through Experience Over Time Elders in a family often tell youngsters stories of their past. Moreover, Steven Zeitlin, Amy Kotkin, and Holly Cutting Baker, assert in “Family Stories” that “Family stories are usually based on real incidents which become embellished over the years” (10). These stories tend to change as people age and experience various situations. Canfield’s short story “Sex Education” depicts Aunt Minnie, a woman who faced a traumatic sexual experience as a teenager, telling her story to an audience of younger generations at three different stages of her life; each account is told in a different manner as she experiences various situations that involve sexuality, namely
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Aunt Minnie asserts how her cousin Ella should’ve have warned her in a different way. According to her, if warned too harshly/frighteningly, the person would be scared out of his/her wits and not think properly. Not thinking properly, the person wouldn’t be able to get out of that unwanted situation even if doing so was easy. All the same, Aunt Minnie somewhat takes credit/responsibility for the incident with the minister. As evidenced in her saying, “His expression, his eyes –well, you’re all married women, you know how he looked, the way any able-bodied man thirty-six or –seven who’d been married and begotten children, would look –for a minute anyhow, if a full-blooded girl of sixteen, who ought to have known better, flung herself at him without any warning, her hair tumbling down, her dress half unbuttoned, and hugged him with all her might” (789), she now understands that when a girl, with the appearance like the one she had at the time, comes up and embraces a man, the man will feel aroused. Also of importance, she has learned this through experiences with her troublesome son Jake, who is always in trouble regarding women; she has even traveled far to fetch him. She is more experienced with sexual learning/desires through her own experience, and is
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