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Fiona Scott-Doran Assignment 1


In what ways does Governor Brisbane’s Proclamation of Martial Law provide insights into the nature of conflict between Aborigines and settlers in the frontier areas around Bathurst in 1824?
Essay introduction approx. 200 words There has been much controversy and debate over the issue of frontier violence and conflict between colonial settlers and indigenous Australians during early colonisation of Australia. While some historians contend that the evidence of frontier violence and indigenous deaths has been overestimated, others argue that the figures are potentially under estimated. There is ample evidence to indicate violence and deaths did

occur between both parties, however, there is much
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The view at the time amongst the white settlers excluded all non white cultures as inferior and therefore of less value than the whites. As a result of this, the ill treatment, injuring and killing of native people was seen as less of an offence and more of a necessity by the settlers.

Annotated sources 5 fully referenced annotated sources (at least 2 primary and 2 secondary sources). Annotations 100 to 200 words each. Declaration of Martial Law The Declaration of Martial Law issued by Governor Brisbane on 14 August 1824, is invaluable as primary source evidence to document the reasons given to justify the implementation of martial law at the time. Theft of stock and killing and wounding of settlers were listed as initially causing the violence which the document further states that the primary magistrates have been unable to control bring to an and end. The document goes on to state

Fiona Scott-Doran Assignment 1


that the settlers, who were uninvolved in the conflict, were in danger and fear for their lives from the attacks and it has been necessary to introduce the ability to take any action necessary to stop it. There is also mention of attacks on black women in the reasons for implementation, although it does not advise who the perpetrators of the attacks were. The document goes on to advise that cruelty towards those being brought to order under the decree was deemed unnecessary and women and children were to
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