Essay Outline Practice

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Making an Outline
A Plan That Builds an Essay ay s



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The Benefits of an Outline
An outline of an essay:

helps make your essay more organized
 A careful plan will help your body paragraphs stay focused on the ideas in your thesis statement. 

saves time for writers
 Preparing an outline can take time, but you will be able to write the rough draft of your essay more quickly

Outline format
Essay Outline


Thesis: _____________________


Body Paragraph #1- Topic Sentence: _____________
A. supporting idea reasons, examples
B. supporting idea reasons, examples


Body Paragraph #2- Topic Sentence: ____________
A. supporting idea reasons, examples
B. supporting idea
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Introduction- Thesis Statement: A job interview can often make or break your chances of getting your dream job. There are several things that you can do in an interview to increase the possibility of your success such as dressing properly, answering interview questions thoroughly, and asking good questions at the end of the interview.
Body Paragraph #1:

Topic Sentence: The way you dress can have a big impact on an interview panel’s first impressions of you.
A. Conservative dress like dark suits will show the interview panel you

A. Ask interviewers to repeat questions you don’t understand.
B. Take some time to think about the questions before you answer.
C. A notebook to write down key words in interview questions is sometimes helpful. IV.

Topic Sentence: By preparing some thoughtful questions for the end of the interview, you can show the panel that you have prepared for the interview and want the job.
A. Research the job and/or company before you go to the interview.

are serious about what you do.
B. Carrying too many things may show you are lousy or unorganized. A notebook, pens, and/or laptop are appreciated. B. The interview is your opportunity to get to know your potential employer.
Ask questions about company goals, mission, expectations of employees, etc. D. Poor grooming may make them think you are untidy. Hair and nails should be clean and neat.

C. Don’t ask questions about benefits or salary during
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