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On the day of battle, it was a heated encounter between man and giant. The giant, Goliath, expected to annihilate a soldier with armor, a sword, and shield. Goliath fed into his arrogance as he thought that he will prevail until he saw something unusual. He saw a boy with a slingshot and a few stones walk up to him ready to fight. Goliath was amused by this unprecedented display of bravery, or at least to him, he thought it was total comedy. This young warrior was named David, and he already knew who was on his side. The faith of God which coursed through his veins made any expression of fear hidden. David prepared his slingshot, pulled the stone back, aimed and fired. The stone spiraled through the air and struck the giant, making him…show more content…
To avoid the Americans becoming cynical of the United States, our young generation must do everything to control their actions and stay honest to prevent destruction of their character. Once our young leaders create themselves to be trustworthy, then that will help achieve them another hope which is to have this nation led by political leaders who solely care about the community. In order to keep the public's trust in America, our leaders must do everything to help the local communities. In 2016, African Americans and other minority groups felt unsafe in their own environment because law enforcement was abusing their power by taking innocent lives and irrationally arresting civilians. Mainly to the African American community, they felt like the politicians were doing nothing to help with the situation. We must have leaders in our local areas who will reprimand those who may try to infringe upon any person's rights. With the skills to maintain trust, our hope is that our young people will change this by becoming the politicians and leading adults who help ensure domestic tranquility. Finally, once our youth have established peace within the United States, then the final hope is that they will intend on creating peaceful relationships with other countries. The main reason is that the Cold War illustrated the potential danger of being extremely unfavorable towards another country. During the Cold War, both Russia and the United States had

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