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Kevin Gaddis
Comm 103
February 14, 2010

Snickers Commercial Advertisement A snicker is a candy bar made by Mars Incorporated it was introduced around the 1930’s. In the Snickers package it consists of peanuts, nougat topped with roasted peanuts and caramel covered with milk chocolate. Snickers is one of the best selling chocolate candy bar of the century, it also has annual global sale of about two billion dollars in U.S. money. How the candy bar receives it original name was from a horse own by two people by the name of Frank and Ethel Mars. In 1949, the Snickers brand was the official sponsor of The Howdy Doody Show, and was making about over fifth teen million Snickers bars every day. Throughout the upcoming years of the
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The main purpose of this commercial was to let the viewers know, you’re a totally different person when you’re hungry. By using a combination of old and new creative approaches Snickers builds on a new concept, of modem media to communicate the side effects of hunger in online ads, while also reinforcing a brand statement developed offline. The basic Snickers ad was created using macromedia flash, and then were uploaded into a media platform called Eyeblaster Rich. Further more in 2009 the Mars snack food release a campaign for Snickers that had outdoor ads and also content on the Snickers website and Facebook. They also created an imaginary language called “Snacklish” that uses the Snickers logo to communicate consumers, also billboards in airport arteries, and signage placed on a variety of local market financial districts. The company behind the chocolate candy bar is the Mars Incorporated. It is one of the world’s largest privately held, family owned companies. The company produces some of the world’s leading snack food, pet care, beverage, and also health food products, which are being operated in more than 65 countries. The headquarters of Mars Incorporated is in McLean, Virginia which is being employed by over 40,000 associates worldwide with more than 100 manufacturing facilities globally. Today, the company is universally recognized as one the most efficient, modern companies

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