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Thesis An analysis of the books or Romans chapters 1-8, I will cover these areas of interest; the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. (1) Paul wrote the book of Romans because of a fault line, a crack in the Roman culture and society that Paul would use to frame the book of Romans. Dr. Jimmy DeYoung states in the video, “Romans: the letter that changed the world” that, Paul saw this fault line in the society of Rome and uses this as the base for his writing the book of Romans. My world view is that, the sins committed by the Romans back in Paul’s day are still being committed today (Ecclesiastes 1:9) in today’s society. I think we can take a major lesson from Paul in that, Rome was a completely debased and…show more content…
If we are to improve our relationships, we are better off doing so under Faith in Christ since he is the master architect of the human experience, which was only perverted by ourselves back in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). (Romans 2:29) God is the GOD of all. Humanity has no desire to know God, which hampers our ability to lead productive, blessed, God filled lives. Without GOD, we can do nothing and the unsaved are doomed unless the people have a repentant heart and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Paul deals with relationships, according to how GOD created the institute of marriage (Romans 7:1-4) Culture Culture plays a huge role in GOD’s plan. The culture in the US today is of pluralizing GOD. The God culture pluralizes isn’t the God of Israel or the Christians. In Rome, Caesar himself declared himself a God and Savior to everyone in his kingdom (1). Paul states in (Romans 5:12-14) Paul continues to show that man’s culture was completely and always at enmity with GOD. (Isaiah 55:8) supports my worldview on culture, the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture because the world is so ungodly. Paul exhorts the church at Rome that, there is a hope. He exhorts that there is a way to righteousness for everyone and that is through faith in Jesus Christ. My worldview on culture is that nothing will change, referring back to the (Isaiah 55:8) scripture

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