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Movie Review: Equilibrium 1 Movie Review: Equilibrium The movie Equilibrium is an excellent movie to relate to our Introduction to Sociology class. Equilibrium follows the life of John Preston, an elite member of a military team used to locate and destroy all things considered “sensory stimulating”. In this society all citizens are forced to take drugs that suppress all feeling and emotion. The reason for this is the leader “father” of this society believes emotion is the cause of all conflicts such as crime and war. Anyone not taking the drug is considered a “sense offender” and is killed on the spot. John Preston is a firm believer in his government and its cause, until he misses a dose of his drugs. After realizing how…show more content…
On the opposing side of the society is the “sense offenders”, or the people who refuse to take the medication. In their culture, they believe that emotion is the reason for living. It is this belief that binds the “sense offenders” into a common culture. The Sense offenders also share material culture, or physical objects made by humans. The “sense offends” cherish and protect arts including music, literature, and paintings. These are key objects in their culture. In the movie, the society of Libria is full of norms. Norms are defined as “rules that specify how people of that society should behave”(source 2) The people in this society have a very strict routine. Every day a buzzer goes off and the entire population stops what they are doing to take their drugs. The people of this society, show up to work on time, greet each other formally, and do many other norms because it is what is socially expectable. John Preston broke away from society’s norm by choosing to stop his drugs. He also breaks what is known as mores, a mores is a strong norm that is more of a demand rather than an expectation. By not taking the neutralizing drug John is not just breaking a norm he is breaking a more. It is interesting to watch John once he stops taking his medication trying to continue the norms of his society, to avoid being caught. His norms become more like that of the “sense offenders Movie Review: Equilibrium 3 Deviance was a major part of

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