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Maria F Ortiz May 01, 2016 Essay #3 – Everyday Use “The Character of Dee in Everyday Use” While reading the story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, I found that I had a surprising amount of anger towards the character named Dee, or as she prefers Wangero. The anger that was instilled in me was caused by numerous comments and actions that occurred throughout reading the short story. I feel she was selfish, uneducated and unappreciative of her past and that the way she carried herself was ridiculous. Right from the beginning of my readings you are introduced to a character named Dee, before you ever get the opportunity to warm up to her character, she shows a very selfish characteristic and that trait is repeatedly brought out in the…show more content…
When her mother asks what she doesn't understand, Dee replied, "your heritage", when the mother knows exactly where she came from and is still living that life, Dee feels she can tell her mother where she came from?. What crossed the line in my opinion of Dee was that she was completely unappreciative. I had gotten the feeling that the mother in the story had worked long and hard raising her daughters, supplied food and clothes, and even got Dee into college somehow, and Dee returns with her college education and new personality trying to preach to her mother and sister about what they are doing wrong. Numerous times she spoke down, not only to the mother, but little sister also. Then Dee begins to take their personal property, property she didn't want earlier when she had been asked. The reason for my writing on this story and this topic is clear. While reading this piece, I had actually gotten emotionally worked up and angered by the actions of the character Dee. I call her Dee and not Wangero throughout my writings because I felt the change she made was for all the wrong reasons. You see this everyday, people claiming alliances or changing themselves into something that they are not and know nothing about. Dee came off as selfish, uneducated and unappreciative to say the least. In reality her sister and mother are aware of their heritage and know

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