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GOVT 480 – Midterm Essay Week 4 List and describe the four force multipliers. How do terrorists us force multipliers? Give examples for each force multipliers. There are four force multipliers in terrorism that author J. White speaks about in his book regarding terrorism. These multipliers are technology, media. transnational support, religion; they are a methods used so that manpower will not be increased, but to increase striking force. These force multipliers can work individually or hand in hand with one another. If I had to choose, I would pick technology as my first force multiplier fight against because before you have start to plan, conduct, or execute you need technology for communication. According to White (2013),…show more content…
I think that religion goes hand in hand with political messages because the terrorist feel that governments are wrong in dealing with issues. With transnational support allows terrorist group to seek support from other countries or even other radical groups. According to White (2013), “transnational support increases the ability of terrorist groups to move and hide across the nation”. Also transnational support can aid terrorist groups financially as they become allies with other radical terrorist groups and also provide terrorist groups as a whole in the carrying out of plans of attack. I just believe that when radical groups such as terrorist start gaining allies with the same belief, cause, and this will allow growth. With this growth, their forces becomes more powerful, their message even stronger, and possibly uncontrollable. With transnational support, this can be a great deal for any government, military, law enforcement, and the world as a whole. Examples of Force Multipliers Some technology force multipliers can be when terrorists use cellphones device to detonate bombs from a distance or search the world wide web for various ways to make explosives devices. Terrorists have been using the bombing tactic, primarily and most prevalent is suicide bombing to carry out these radical message. Bombs can be more destructive and if they more destructive then the terrorist

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