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Being the first born to both of my parents, I have a deep understanding of what lab rats must feel while being experimented on. Whether it was my refusal to pull out my loose teeth, or my passionate, undying love for putting legos in my mouth, I was constantly surprising my mother. I paved the way for my two siblings, convincing my parents to let me have a phone at the ripe age of twelve and a half (my sister would get one at eleven, my brother at ten), pleading with my mother to not make cheese covered broccoli (such a dish has never been placed on our table since), and even championing the movement to repaint our bedrooms (pink is so 2011). But the most shocking, and perhaps the most important, astonishing feature I posses is in my two…show more content…
Nevertheless, I auditioned, and, after an agonizingly long week, the cast list was posted. My name in bold, opposite that of Gabriella's, will forever be engraved in my mind. It was the happiest I had ever been, and in the moment I doubted that I could ever match this level of excitement. Then reality hit. And like a semi truck barreling towards a mini copper, it hit hard. Suddenly, I was at rehearsals four hours a night, trying to balance my job, and forensics practice, and school work, and a social life, and all the drama that went into drama club. Suddenly, taking two math classes and the highest level science class offered to me didn’t seem like such a great idea. Halfway through freshman year, I was swamped and I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t simply chose one aspect of my life to value more, and failing at both was not an option. So I made a decision, I was going to use each to succeed in the other. I memorized trig functions by putting them to song, and I used what I had learned in my biology class to conserve air and stay healthy. I created a schedule for myself that allowed for homework time, but also free time, in between rehearsals so that I wouldn’t drive myself crazy. I used the skills I had learned in forensics to communicate with my teachers and make sure I was spending my valuable time on important topics and application based questions to make sure I wasn’t just memorizing, but using my analytical talents to

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