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As a professional involved as a case manager, this person may be involved with the client from the initial assessment through termination from services (McClam & Woodside, 2012). The case manager will interview the client to determine client strengths, needs and other factors (LaTorie Horn, 2015). Establishment of goals and objectives is a process imparted by the client and case manager together. This information will be used to develop a service or treatment plan that contain the client goals and objectives. Also, referrals will be started to support the client’s needs outside of the case manager’s agency. The case manager and other helping professionals must be persistent in putting emphasis on client strengths and abilities (Brun…show more content…
Presenting the client with options to accept different services and resources from outside agencies is empowering for the client. Empowerment also helps to ensure that the client is ready for change (J. Corcoran, 2012). LaTorie Horn (2015) expressed that “engagement in collaboration with other providers through meetings where Individual Service Plans (ISP) are developed. She will invite all stakeholders (counselor, social worker, families) which form the team to the meeting. Each team member express established strengths, needs, and goals. The family helps to establish the goals because they have to do the work to achieve the goal”. All of the options presented to the client will increase benefits by respecting the choices of the client. Client choice also continues to build on the strengths and positive outcome for the client (J. Corcoran, 2012). The case manager needs to develop strong interpersonal relationships with individuals and groups, create plans that use community resources and participate in activities that foster ongoing monitoring (Genrich & Neatherlin, 2001). Slide # 8: The case manager will locate services and establish a referral for services or treatment that the client is qualified to receive. If the client is a child, the case manager will make the appointment and if necessary take the child to the appointment. When the client is an adult that has been given a referral for services or treatment, it is the client

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