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(1 year before 1916), and my papa came in from getting the mail with surprise on his face. We all gathered around the breakfast table and opened the mail. It was a letter from the United States military saying that he has been drafted into the war of 1918.
It was 1915 and my mama and papa and I was all sitting on the couch listening to the radio. We heard the news that Germany sunk the cruise ship, The Lusitania. We were all stunned and shocked. We also heard that Germany wanted to have a submarine war with the United States. Thankfully the law was passed so we didn't have to. However, we already new that World War 1 has already started, but I never thought that we would have anything to do with it. All I have heard was that we were
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That's all my mom and I did for about a year, was listen to the radio to see what was going on. Every day we put pieces together to get more information on what's going on. What we know is that; The effects of WW1 on America were wide-ranging covering the political, economic and social impact the Great War had on the United States. Unlike the countries of Europe, the factories and home of the US had not been destroyed. Manufacturing, production and efficiency had increased through necessity during the Great War. America had emerged as a world industrial leader and the US economy was booming, profits were increasing which led to the period in American history called the Roaring Twenties with a massive rise in consumerism for the wealthy. But one thing that really broke my heart is that 14 million people have died.
1918, the war was over and me and mama were so excited to see papa. We drove to the train station where all the families were coming to meet their families again. We arrived just as the train did. I told mama to pick me up so I could see. I raised up above every ones head and I was waiting for a man that I looked like, to come out of the train door. Instead i saw two men is black jackets coming towards me and mama. Mama put me down and asked to men whats wrong. Her face turned from joy to fear. The men told us that that papa was still in the hospital from multiple bullet wounds. They said that we
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