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Upon entering Chris’ office you are dazed by color everywhere. “Half full” posters hang on the wall and vibrant colors, décor, and inspirational sayings are sprinkled throughout. Every inch of her teeny office shouts something that is reassuring. Passion and positivity radiates from everything she is linked to. Her personality. Her office. Her style. Her interactions. She positively influences all aspects of her life and is able to shine light on any situation. It is ironic that she works to teach individuals how to calm down and simplify problems, considering how upbeat and lively she is. Through each interaction she participates in, it is clear that she is interested in helping to “empower people to make their best decision”…show more content…
In order for change to occur, it is necessary for more individuals to be inspired by Chris, and take part in a discussion that many people do not feel comfortable having. Many factors such as balancing social life and academics with mental and physical health contribute to stress levels in college students. Depending on the time of the year the level of stress in students rises and falls. Chris provides insight, sharing that, “during the first part of the year…[she] see[s] a lot of stress because it’s an adjustment…then midterms, then final exams.” Although “a lot of external factors have changed, the reality is that college students still experience stress like I did when I was in school,” Donevant-Haines shares empathetically. Because of her experience as a counselor at Coastal, she has inside information about stress and anxiety present throughout the student population. Chris shares that the “fast paced world [and] acknowledging that everyone deals with is the number one thing that brings students to counseling services.” Once students are aware that stress is an extremely prevalent issue on campus, some “feel comfortable in taking a step towards making an appointment with counseling services” (Donevant-Haines). The next step after better understanding, and accepting the prevalence of stress is being proactive. It is extremely important to take time for yourself because “to be successful in your work you have to feel good, and be healthy

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