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That night, Wes found himself back at the Skulk and Lurk. He didn't know what compelled him to go, it could have been his general boredom, stress from his tireless research, Walter's persistence to do something outside of his room, or maybe he had a pathetic hope that he could convince some of the more open-minded goths to believe him about Danny. Whatever it was that brought him there, it was a strikingly out-of-character coercion to act on that kind of whim. The poetry night was held in a separate room than the main store, and within, were various tables full of bored looking goths he'd seen around Amity Park. Actually, now seeing them in one place, he never realized how many goth teenagers there were. He found an empty table near the…show more content…
He took a shallow breathing a read from the napkin he'd written on. “Days of misery, I am undeserved of this curse. This wretched curse, to see the clear truth that no one else can see, outside of a hearse. This ignorance, shared by elders and youth defines society's cold, relentless stupidity to not be able to see past their idol's mask; That within a ghost is a civilian, yet none see my constant, infuriating torture, to which none ask.” When he looked up from the napkin, the room was staring at him with perplexion and acceptance rather than hostility and judgment. However, Wes's momentary euphoria only lasted a few seconds due to the presence of one of his least favorite peers. “You're full of it, Weston,” Sam called out. “Did you really write that poem just to make a statement?” She was in the center of the room, looking unimpressed. Wes glared at her defensively, “I wrote that because that's how I felt.” “All you care about is 'revealing' Danny, so I think you're just playing the victim to earn pity points. Though, on the contrary, it was a well-written poem, I'll give you that.” “Leave me alone, Manson,” Wes said, “I came here of my own accord, not for some scheme.” “Oh please,” Sam scoffed, “everybody knows that you don't even have a life outside of your conspiracy theories anymore.” “And everybody knows that you don't have a life outside of Fenton and Foley, but not everything you hear is true,” Wes argued.

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