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Colourco: Your Best Builder of Carports, Verandahs, Patios and Pergolas

When homeowners wish to add certain elements on to the exterior of their homes, they go in search of a quality builder for those elements. You may be in the middle of a search at present like these other homeowners are and wonder which is the best builder of carports, verandahs, patios and pergolas in the Victoria area of Australia. Colorco's World of Outdoors will provide you with all these elements in a quality manner. We even provide different style options for you to consider.

Our Carports

We offer a wide assortment of carports here at Colourco that include the following styles:

Gabled-roofed styles of carports contain a roof the peaks in the middle. We construct it in such a way that no internal roof purlins are necessary. You can order this in either attached to the house or freestanding at the end of the driveway. In addition, we offer three roof pitches, including 27.5, 22.5 and 17.5 degrees. Carports with gabled roofs provide you with additional height that can increase your storage options at times. Our company will build single gable, long-span gable or a combination of the gable and flat roofs together for a unique design. Water drainage is one major benefit with the gable-roofed carports.
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It depends on which way we design the roof to suit our client's needs. As a builder of carports for a number of years, we understand the importance of offering you various options in flat roofs. We offer three main styles, and all of them contain and smooth ceiling on the underside with compact beams. The compactness of the beams provides a spacious feel to your carport. On top of this, the ceiling and other parts of the carport are simple to clean. Upon request, we will provide a overhang. Colourco will customise your carport according to your
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