Essay Plan. Essay Topic: Beethoven’S Symphony No.6 Is A

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Essay plan

Essay topic: Beethoven’s Symphony No.6 is a turning point in music history

- What is turning point in music history?

Turning point is defined as “a point at which a notable or decisive change takes place; critical point;” , and it “represents a lasting shift in the zeitgeist or ‘spirit of the age.’” As an important part of Art, music has a crucial role on representing the human spirit of the age. When a turning point in music history occurs, it implies a change in human spirit of the age.

- Symphony No.6 and the characteristic approach which extended the 18th century instrumental music.

Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No.6 was composed from 1802 to 1808, which was a time between the Classical Era and
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- Third paragraph: what was the music and spirit like straight after Beethoven?

Nevertheless, what comes after the Classical Era is named the Romantic Era, and the spirit is called Romanticism, by which represents “the end of the relationship between a subject and an object. Feelings search the subject’s quality in nature, and integrates together.” It emphasizes on man as the subject and has a strong focus on emotions, rather than the God or authorities, which leads to an “attempt to transcend the sphere of cognition, to experience higher, more spiritual things, and to sense the presence of the ineffable” in Romantic Era music. The raise of program music allows the composers to explore a deeper spiritual work, as it is defined by “a preface added to a piece of instrumental music, by means of which the composer intends to guard the listener against a wrong poetical interpretation, and to direct his attention to the poetical idea of the whole or to a particular part of it.” With the development in humanism and the broader spiritual exploration, the major characteristic of Romantic Era music could be
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