Essay Plan - Is the Internet Making Us Less Intelligent?

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Is the Internet making us less intelligent?

Essay Plan

In my essay I wish to argue that the Internet is not making us less intelligent, but that it has provided a whole new dimension to the way we interact, communicate, think, create, share and exist.

The accessibility of the Internet provides a magnitude of knowledge and information in real time that could have never have been accessed before. Due to this, we have as a society become hungrier for information. Thanks to the sheer volume of data that is readily available on the Internet, people now have the ability to absorb numerous sources thereby creating better analytical and
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Shirky states that the internet is merely a new found form of media and literature and compares it to many older writing technologies. Shirky says that throughout time “Every increase in freedom to create or consume media, from paper back books to YouTube, alarms people accustomed to the restrictions of the old system, convincing them that the new media will make young people stupid”. (Shirky, 2010, Pg 1)

Another interesting claim Shirky makes is that the net promotes “peer review” which is thereby encouraging a new collaborative way of thinking and writing. He compares this change in communication to the scientific revolution and gives examples of websites such as PatientsLikeMe and Wikipedia and explains how they are changing the world and solving many problems, supporting my points about education and accessibility.

Source 2, Academic Journal - “The Contribution of the Internet into Learning” Efstratios Papanis, Panagiotis Giavrimis & Eirini-Myrsini Papani. 2010. Review of International Studies. Toronto. Vol 2, Pg 54 - 61

This Journal conducts a student survey which aims to record “students opinions about the impact of the Internet on education, at studying the various ways in which it affects informal learning and identifying the
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