Essay: Professional Development

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In my short seventeen years on this planet, I have developed a deep desire to continue my professional development. I believe this is evident from my dedication to academic excellence and my ability to maintain a near flawless academic record throughout high school (3.9 GPA). I have selected civil engineering as my intended field of study because I have had a natural attraction to different types of structures and a fascination of how these came to be constructed ever since I was a little girl. I sincerely believe that the University of Wisconsin will provide me the skills necessary to fully pursue my professional ambitions. However there is another aspect to this story that I would like to share. My Native American heritage provides me a unique opportunity to contribute more than simply academic skills. My father's lineage consists of Cherokee blood and he was raised to appreciate the culture and the perspectives of the Cherokee people. As a child my father as worked diligently to also share this culture and heritage with as well. I feel very fortunate to be a descendant of the Cherokee people. One on the expressions I can remember my father telling me as a child is that "we do not inherent the planet from our fathers, we borrow it from our children". As our planet faces new challenges relating to ecology and sustainability, I can think of no better phrase for guidance. Part of my desire to study civil engineering is to develop designs that can return our civilization
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