Essay : Protect The Children

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Tenia Hicks English 1120 CRN 12256 Dr. Joann Paull My View Essay Protect the Children Smugglers or coyotes, as they are often called, are bringing an alarming number of illegal immigrants across our borders every day. An increasing number of these immigrants are unaccompanied children. The parents of these children are enticed by our countries weak and unclear policies that are dangled in front of them screaming send your children here and they will have a better life. In 2004, it was reported that more than six thousand unaccompanied children were admitted into U.S. custody (Harvard civil rights vol 45). This number has increased exponentially in the past decade (Wendy 2). The Obama administration predicts that we will have over sixty thousand children enter the country by the end of 2014 (Martinez). This significant increase, will put a strain on our country 's resources and weaken the United States’ infrastructure. But of greater concern is the well being of the children that are coming unsupervised and left to endure the dangers of the trip alone. It is for these reasons that the United States need to strengthen its immigration policies. It is the United States responsibility to protect these children, The children are as young as infants, while the average age is approximately fifteen years olds (Young 2). The United States most certainly would not allow our children to fend for themselves, they would make provisions for them to ensure they are properly
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