Essay Questions On Sustainability And Japan

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Danielle Sarns Professor Moomau 10/5/2014 Project One Complete Draft Fish Sustainability in Japan When thinking of Japan, the first thing that comes to my mind is sushi. Originally unique to Japan, sushi has now become a globalized food. Everywhere you look you can find it. Sushi is widely available for anyone, regardless of location and class. There are now sushi buffets and packaged sushi in grocery stores. Sushi can be found all around the world, even including Poland. As such a globalized food the question arises of whether it is a sustainable food. With the Ocean taking up 71 percent of the Earth, it would seem impossible for us to run out of fish. However, looks may deceive you. With the overfishing in Japan and all over the…show more content…
Globalization of sushi Sushi, raw fish rolled up in sticky rice and seaweed has become a popular choice of food in the United States and well as in other countries. However, the increased availability comes with a price. With increased demand for fish, fisheries are urged to produce at rapid rates. Lindsay Nair states that “scientists believe seventy-five percent of the world’s fisheries are either being fully utilized or over utilized, that some 90 percent of large predatory fish have disappeared because of overfishing.” This is a grave problem that needs to be addressed in order for the Japanese to continue with their traditional diet trend. As the culinary art of sushi spread throughout the world, the traditional aspect of the Japanese culture has been lost at times. In the United States, sushi is readily available in grocery stores and can be made by anyone. In Japan, it takes many long hard grueling years in order to become a master sushi chef. Many master sushi chef’s bid at fish auctions such as Tsukiji, for the largest and fresh looking fish. According to Sasha Issenberg, master sushi chef Tsunernori Iida, “overpays to help his customers protect their bottom lines”. He looks for only the best quality fish to provide his customer with the traditional Japanese sushi. Therefore the quality of fish have been losing importance. For many of the overseas buyers,
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