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Question #1, Option b Roles are like “parts” we play in life, each with a set of expectations specific to that position (rules). In The Breakfast Club, Mr. Vernon has the role of the Principle. Naturally this means his “rules” include both the explicit (written out and specifically defined) ones such as managing the school’s staff, and creating and carrying out policies and procedures, and the implicit (implied) ones such as trying to guide his students down the right path and leading by example by being respectful and fair to his students. In detention Mr. Vernon tells the students that they’re not to talk, move from their seats, or sleep, and that they’re expected to write an essay of no less than a thousand words on “who they think…show more content…
In the closet the wounded look on his face when Mr. Vernon told him he was basically scum further strengthened my belief that deep down, he really believes all the things his parents and the principle think about him. Since it is known that children who are told negative things about themselves at an early age often come to believe it, and we know from John’s outburst and the cigar burn on his arm that this was likely the case for him, it’s not difficult at all to believe that this was how his low self esteem was developed in the first place. Odds are it was this constant belittling by them and any negative reinforcement he got from other students and teachers like Mr. Vernon that helped to solidify these beliefs about himself. John’s public self, the one he projects for others to see, as seen through his interactions and persona as a badass, is just that, “the criminal”. His ideal self, the one he really wishes he was, is probably that of the boy who can stand up to his father and scream “f*ck you” back at his father when he’s being degraded. All that pent up anger that he exhibited during his skit of his home life probably wouldn’t have been quite that forceful if it was really how he reacted at a time like that. His real self, the guy he really is underneath all his masks, shells, and doubts, is actually a pretty good guy whether he normally

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