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For centuries, schools have stolen more and more of a student’s valuable time to place them behind a desk covered in worksheets and quizzes. Any student asked what they dislike about school will say that an eight-hour day is grueling on their mind and body. This means that a ten-hour school day for four days is certainly unattainable. Changing the school day to ten hours would make students more apt to dislike going to school and learning, which is not what educators want. Schools should not use the ten-hour school day because extracurricular activities would end too late for students to have time for homework or family time, schools would have to acquire resources to provide two meals a day, and students would struggle to adjust to a must longer class schedule. Firstly, a ten-hour school day is not beneficial because extracurricular activities would start and end much too late for students to do their homework or spend time with family. Many students are given two or more hours of homework every night; if a sport or debate team doesn’t end their competition until 10:30 pm, when will they have time to do it? Requiring students to stay up until midnight or later completing their homework is bad for their health and makes for poor effort on their work. Also, many students are very devoted to spending time with their families, and if they aren’t getting home until late at night, they wouldn’t be able to do that. This new schedule could create a social disconnect between
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