Essay Similarities Between Night And The Book Night

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Introduction Imagine that your family is uprooted from where they have been living for your whole life, and are moved to a small space with 50 other people surrounded by death, suffering, disease and starvation. This scenario was very real in both the novel Night and the movie “Life is beautiful”. Furthermore, these two stories from the holocaust are similar and different in many ways. They are both from the same point of view which is from the son, the development of Elie and Joshua throughout the story, the characterization of the father, and God’s provisions in there lives while they were in the concentration camp. Although, there are many things that are alike in both of these stories, there are many things that are different. Which consist of the mood of sadness, the fathers different ways of showing love, and how God protected them both but in different ways. In the novel Night and in the movie “Life is beautiful”, the holocaust is portrayed…show more content…
For example, in the novel Night, Elie explains how he was put in a kamando that was far less dangerous the other kamandos were for that camp. This is shown through Elie’s friend telling him and his father when placed in the kamando."You are lucky, little fellow," said Hans, smiling. "You fell into a good Kommando”…" (Wiesel, pg. 50). This is just one of the many ways how God showed his grace toward Elie in his time or need and how he provided for him and his father throughout this suffering. In addition to Elie getting provisions from God, Joshua did also. Joshua was provided with the provision of hating to take showers. As the boy in the movie is portrayed, he hates to take showers. Furthermore, because he hates to take showers he does not go into the showers with the other boys, thus, saving his life (Gray, 2000). These provisions from God are obscenely different, they were both ways that God provided for them in both of their stories of
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