Essay: The Day Hurricane Katrina Hit

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The Day Hurricane Katrina Hit I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I was only ten years old. At the time, I was living in New Orleans with my grandparents and my mother. I recall laying in bed listening to the rain pound the roof of our one bedroom apartment. My grandparents and my mother were running around with buckets trying to catch all the leaks. Little did they know that was the least of their worries.
I turned on the T.V. and heard the really loud buzzing noise of a hurricane warning. My grandparents heard the warning and ran into the room to see the news for themselves. I watched their mouths drop, and I swear I could almost see their heart move into their throats.
“Grandma, what’s a hurricane?” I asked. “Why do you
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My mother then picked me up and set me down in the car. Water was already pooling around her ankles. She ran back into the house and grabbed what seemed to be most of our belongings and when she came back, she started the car and took off. She told me we were heading to a safe place. I remember questioning why our home wasn't safe anymore. Once we got to my mom’s so called “safe place,” I noticed that we weren't the only family with what seemed to be our whole homes in our arms. I even noticed some children from my school.
This “safe place” was a five story hotel in downtown New Orleans. My grandparents, mother and I all had to stay in a small part of a room on the third floor. No one could stay on the first or second floor because the water was so high and it seemed to just keep coming down like it would never come to a stop. The beautiful hotel I remember gazing at out of awe for its beauty, was now a shelter for everyone, including my family. I can recall being scared, really scared. Everyone was huddled together and some people were evening crying. I asked my mom why everyone was crying.
She replied “Everyone has lost something today weather it be a home, family member, friend, pet, or all of the
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