Essay : The Life Of Heavens

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Hidden among jagged rock towers and ancient pines turned into crystal sculptures by winter's hand, Phenix settled into the soothing waters of a hot spring. Tendrils of steam rose from the surface of the water to merge with ice-kissed air. The sea of silvery white clouds overhead veiled the oasis from those gathered on different peaks to watch the dawn of a new day.
Fresh snowfall during the night dulled the natural early morning sounds. However, not even the elements or the optical illusion of the Buddha's light could silence the human voices. The constant chattering drifted across the mountain and disrupted the ambiance.
He drew deeply of the earthy scent of moss carpeted rocks, waters heavy in minerals and the muted note of delicate,
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Jonas heaved a deep sigh. “Care to tell me what?”
Not one to make a habit of playing babysitter to his brothers, Phenix relented for Jonas, who just shy of a millennium was the youngest of the eight warriors. Ever since his capture by the demons, the hunter needed a little more strengthening. Phenix didn't mistake Jonas' apathy for a chilled-out vibe. The hunter’s dilemma was particularly acute when he wanted to hang out for a while during a hunt. Something the hunters never did, due to the tight timeframe given to their missions. Needless to say, should one of them need help, the brothers arrived.
Opening his eyes and angling his head, Phenix stared at Jonas. “When you tell me what is bothering you?”
Jonas was quiet for a long time. “Nightmares keep me awake.”
Phenix didn’t need to ask more. His mind rewound to a thick wooden door splintering into a thousand shards. The thunderous clomp of boots descending the wide, stone steps, entering a lamp-lit chamber, and the sight of too much blood, too much flesh torn… bloodied and strapped to a concrete slab… a succubus rode Jonas’ cock… an incubus rode his mouth. The bounty hunters had fallen into a killing frenzy. They had slaughtered every evil creature in the room—demon and their mortal followers. Carrying the broken hunter from the hell-hole while his brothers torched the building and everything within a mile radius did
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