Essay : The Tragical History Of Doctor Faustus

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In a play known as The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe in the late fifteen-hundreds, is about a German Scholar who has mastered all the traditional subjects, but with an overly ambitious need of wanting to learn more about the world. During that period, they were to not question the world, because it was like questioning their belief in God. Therefore, the subject that he turned to was of the dark arts. Faustus knew some scholars that taught him their ways. He trained himself as a summoner and summoned a devil names Mephistopheles; Faustus questioned Mephistopheles and demands for the bringing of Lucifer. In which the devil responds to him by telling about the horrors of hell and how heaven is the best …show more content…

Faustus had the sin of lust and pride present instead of God, which is two out of the seven deadly sins. So, when he was to call for God, for feeling guilty, he received the response from Lucifer and Mephistopheles because he was their minion now and they had to keep him that way. Faustus was only feeling guilty because he was scared that the Christian beliefs were true, and he did not want to pay the price if it was, the response from the devils showed that they were the only “Gods” that will be there for him. Likewise, Marlowe was believed to be an atheist in a world of Christians, and those Christians who knew about it would try and scare him into repenting for not believing in God. So, Marlowe had to have a comparable situation in order to depict it so well, but in the end, he was unchanged by their worlds and stuck with his own beliefs.
Furthermore, because God did not appear at any point in the play, presenting that Faustus was to not believe in God at any point in his life, unless the fear of Christianity was to overtake him making him repent. It was as if God, if he were present in the play, knew that Faustus was never going to believe in him, so he did not care for Faustus because he was too far gone. But the bible also presents that God wants everyone to go to heaven, which is why it is ok to repent in the final hours in order to

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