Essay : The Wrong Call

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The Wrong Call It is a quiet night, Jill just got back from work. Jill is on her instagram when she starts getting weird texts from her ex, but she did not bother reading them. Jill remember why they broke up he wanted her money for drugs. He probably just wants more of my money she said to herself while she eating. She checked and found that he really need to her something majorly important. Jill thought what does he have to tell that’s so important? Then she gets a phone call, she answers the phone it was Matt her ex boyfriend that was took her money and bought drugs with that money. “Hi Matt what do you want now?” “Hey Jill. How is it going, how have you been?” “Knock it off Matt! What do you want from me?” “Why can’t…show more content…
Thougth Jill to herself . She went her way over to Matt's house which turn out to be big house. It had big white pillars and he has hedges shaped so preflickly. He really upgrade his house wow, hopefully it’s nice inside too. I went up to his door and knock, he did not answer. I was turning around to leave the door opens and it’s Matt with blood on hands just standing there with a stupid look on his face. I step in the door to find out that he actually killed his girlfriend, well you can say dead meat girlfriend, geez jill why do be mean just say anything stupid like that. Matt just been standing there looking, while I am soaking everything in. It been a couple of minutes before anyone said anything, then he spoke. “Jill I’m sorry but I had to she going to go to the cops, I could not let her do that so I got high and this happen” “Matt you should have not slashed out, and beat her to death!” “ She came at me first and she knew I get mad easy when I am high.” “Then why did you kill her if you knew you already mad at her, so why did you do it then!” “I I I don’t know?” “Matt I’m so done with you I want my money, so I can go and you clean up here!” “Fine I will get you your money give me two minutes.” If he dares thinks I’m going to stay and help him out with this he is one crazy person. He better not run away either from this because I need that money. “Matt,Matt where are you come on or I’m leaving!” “Be right there geez it only been 3 minutes”
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