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Three types of love: eros, philos and agape. Love is a concept that one can explain with many different words. It is very easy to tell the definition of love but difficult to live in the real life. Love is something that is intrinsically in our nature. One can definite love, but one cannot dictate how, when and where love expresses itself. Plato, an old Greek philosopher describes three types of love in his book the Banquet. All of these classifications of love do happen in the human world, although every single person shows how they differ greatly in his or her life. In that Greek language, love can be classified as eros, philos, or agape. Each one depends upon the relationship of the people experiencing the love. In the first…show more content…
Philos, the second of the three classifications of love in Greek language and philosophy, is more commonly called fraternal love. However, this does not mean that the relationships formed from it only happen among males, females or in biological families. Instead, philos signifies a sense of affiliation formed by sharing one’s life deeply with whomever one chooses. This could be a life partner or simply a good friend that the person has come to trust. To someone outside the philos style relationship, it could look a lot like eros when a man and a woman become that close, but as long as those in the friendship know and don’t exceed their own limits, philos love can continue to unite them as platonic brother and sister for far longer than others expect. For instance, there is a book in the Bible that refers to this kind of love and says: “Whoever finds one friend has found a treasure” (Sirach 5:14). Some people prefer to say that the first love that someone feels is the philos love; nevertheless, philos comes in a higher level because one has to purify the first attraction to another person, purify the simple erotic love, and mutate it to something more transcendental. But there must not be eros love in order to feel the philos love. Many people experience fluctuating degrees of this
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